About Yoido Full Gospel Church Watch

We would like to be factual as we can on YoidoFullGospelChurchWatch. If there is any information on YoidoFullGospelChurchWatch that you think is not accurate, please contact c3churchwatch@hotmail.com. All constructivecriticisms and scrutiny will be appreciated.

About This Blog

This blog is about monitoring the Yoido Full Gospel ‘Church’ movement. The head of this movement is David Yonggi Cho.

    1. We will be observing the Yoido Full Gospel Church Movement’s values by critically examining their beliefs.
    2. We will be examining their teachings by comparing their doctrines, behaviours and methods to the historical texts of the bible.
    3. We will be learning about David Yonggi Cho, head of the Yoido Full Gospel Church movement, by exploring his history, knowing his influences, sources and correctly defining his language.
    4. We will be monitoring the Yoido Full Gospel Church organisation’s vision, events/issues and outcomes and compare them to the standards of the gospel and New Testament church, revealed in the New Testament scriptures.
    5. We will be testing David Yonggi Cho’s spirituallity by comparing the persons of the trinity in the bible with Cho’s ‘Godly’ encounters, his Jesus and his prophecies from ‘God’.

About The Yoido Full Gospel Church Organisation & Movement

[Watch this space]

Why We Started This Blog

This blog does not intend to make money from people. This blog exists solely to warn people of the dangerous Yoido Full Gospel Church. The main desire of YoidoFullGospelChurchWatch is to warn and inform people about this dangerous church, those both inside and outside the movement. We ask for your prayers both for us and those caught in the Yoido Full Gospel Church Movement.


1 thought on “About Yoido Full Gospel Church Watch”

  1. Bjørn Refstad said:

    The importance today is not what man thinks but what God has said in his word and revealed
    by the Holy Spirit!


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